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Posted by Stuart Drucker on 01/23/02 - 19:38:03
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What you mean is that if Jefferson Starship is to be anything other than a human (but diverse) jukebox for a small group of diehard fans, make it worth their while.

If PK's keeping alive the flame to play stuff like "Epic #38" (how many bands with 30+ years in the business are going to re-learn songs from an obscure solo album?), then to expect him and JS to record anything new is to expect a lot unless we're willing to pay for it.

In the early 80's, we paid for it by hearing stuff like "Winds of Change", and what you're saying is that now we can pay for it a little differently.

I'd much do that than see, say, a reunion tour with Mickey Thomas just so I can "Girl with the Hungry Eyes" along with the commercial dreck that drove PK out. It's not worth _that_ pain.

Given today's musical climate, $100 isn't a high price to pay to get that _and_ outtakes that nobody but people on A-Deck or 2400 Fulton might have the slightest interest in (me included).

So, I guess count me in. Even if I really don't agree with Paul's politics, most of the time.

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