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Posted by W7 on 01/23/02 - 18:23:15
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I have my reasons! One of them is that I'm new to the web chat stuff and isn't that one of the reasons why you mistrust me?  Once I accidentally typed your name into the wrong box and bingo the next thing I knew I was on the web as you.  So I'm learning and have written a post (still untitled)  new above coming soon along similar lines about my inner conflict on the site.  I liked your writing from the beginning and you are much smarter than innocent but don't always show it (does that sound right?)  What I mean is you don't have to always reveal everything.  Also the first post I ever sent
( and this is the only site I am experimenting with Until I'M BETTER EDUCATED) got an immediate return to my private email address (which even I didn't know) from Snow White and the Seven ... and while I appreciate Snow's offer I felt I better stay cautious.  I'm glad we are talking,  why you felt manipulated I'll never know?  Also you should know that I really was having a bad time with the death of those parents and the way they died and the board really came through... they kicked me when I was down. Or maybe it was just Kevin.    Another reason to be cautious. I'm a prankster and just want to be able to pull one once in awhile in good fun and not have to worry.  As for seeing you, I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places...Peggy Lee! Or maybe seeing you as one of the society!

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