Terry......and worried self management

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/23/02 - 16:37:30
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I'm sure that Michael will monitor this format with the best of intentions.  As for The Dead, don't buy into that myth.  Until Dennis McNally came along, they couldn't "rent" an apartment in Santa Cruz.  Mickey Hart's father was their accountant and eventually died in prison for embezzling an exhorbitant amount of money from the band.  The Stones hired several attorneys and used a tax shelter, i.e.,France to avoid excessive taxes.  Journey was the  first corporate band, each member getting a salary and all the rest invested in property, etc., at least so the story goes.
I doubt an ethics problem is involved here, I just think a board of five should be on both continents.
When some resolution to that malady is addressed, I will be more prone to adhere to the proposal.

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