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Posted by Terry on 01/23/02 - 16:15:23
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First off, let me be clear--I do NOT doubt the good intentions and sincerity of this proposal.  
But consider, if you will:

As much as some fans like to meet the boys backstage, we are still, mostly, just that: rock fans.  We are not (and shouldn't expect to become) tight personal friends with Paul, Marty, Slick, et al.  It would be nice, of course, but let's be honest--the band members have their own lives and their own close friends.  Some fans bring items for autographs. Others, like me, generally stand around without having much of value or interest to say ("Wow, I've loved your music since 1972"--fascinating to Marty and Paul, I'm sure.
So the backstage greet and meet is not necessarily all it's cracked up to be. (Unless you guys are bringing the dope!)

As for money: The $100 bucks doesn't bother me so much--I've supported the band as a plain old regular fan since 1972--close to 50 shows over the years, and literally every album, some purchased more than twice.  The band is not--let's be honest--the hit machine it was in the 60s and 70s (or, god forbid, the 80s).  Not JS's fault, of course, it's just that all of us--band and fans alike--are considered D.U. (Demographically Undesireable).  So if this venture helps keep the band on its financial feet, cool.  But I'm not quite comfortable with the "exclusive" nature of the club--kinda snooty, potentially, and not really in the spirit of "we can be together."

And when was the last time you heard of a rock band managing their own finances with any success? The Dead, The Stones, I suppose, and a few others...but you get my point.

As for swag--buttons, t-shirts, and the like--a lot of people will dig it, but me--I always thought the idea of buying a fucking t-shirt of your favorite rock band a sheepish thing to do for the corporate powers of capitalism.  Concert tickets, yes.  Records/tapes/CDs--you bet!  Souvenirs?  Wasn't there a time when JA/JS eschewed such "merchandising" (like, right before Red Octopus came out)?

Lemme sleep on it.  Like many here, I sometimes think that I am your most loyal, dedicated fan--or at least, I really DO want JS to know how much I love your live performances, songs, CDs, etc.  But should we delude ourselves that we can be much more than peasants in the larger scheme of this great rock opera?

My 2.5 cents

With affection,

Terry in Virginia

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