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Posted by Mission Control on 01/23/02 - 16:13:13
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Dear Shipmates:
    I had originally intended to 'pre'- debunk what I was certain would be the points made by cynical naysayers.  Paul dissuaded me from doing so, perhaps caught up in our mutual enthusiasm for the JS3C proposal.
    I truly pity those of you whose cynicism is so all consuming, that you wear it as a badge of honor.  Perhaps, herein lies a great irony:  The confluence of ART & COMMERCE often leads to bad feelings.  "Where is the money going?" some you have queried.  "$100 is too expensive," others complain.
    As stated - WE choose to chart our own destiny ... refusing to submit to the whim & will of a monolithic, remote record industry.  the future isn't COMING - it's HERE!  If the band is to continue to compose, record & release new music as so many of you complain they should - then we must create alternate income streams to do so.  If you prefer to spend $250 per ticket to see The Eagles or Rolling Stones ... or prefer to spend $100 going to a movie (popcorn, dinner & parking for two can easily surpass that) - that is your prerogative.  

FYI:  You might want to look up Todd Rundgren's fan club for comparison.  He charges $1,000 for membership!!!

FYI:  The average amount spent on CDs, shirts & swag, per recipient of the Grateful Dead almanac exceeds $200 per year.  Are they doing this for their health?  You bet they are ... for their fiscal health.

    We arbitrarily set JS3C membership at 500, because we are not certain we ar capable of succeeding in satisfying a larger number of memberships ... AND are cognisant of the fact that $100 is a lot of money to some people.
    While I always appreciate opposing points of view, most of what has been posted in the negative, is smarmy sarcasm - not constructive criticism.  It will be a hoot when in actuality, the naysayers are the first to fork over their dough to get the collectibles.
    I remain eminently certain, there are AT LEAST 500 fans (I personally know 100 or so) that appreciate the potential for fun & fellowship, a little fan club of this nature can provide.  One thing is certain - no amount of money is worth the time we shall invest in making it a positive experience for members.  There are far easier ways to make money, I assure you.  If it was only about money or mainly about money - we wouldn't be doing it.  When we are done manufacturing books & CDs, etc. - we hope to have some contingency funds for a new recording.

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