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Posted by DON ATERS on 01/23/02 - 14:33:22
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I sent this to PK first and not sure how to contact Marty but, thoughts from early morning are as follows:
             THE LUCKY ONES
   They were as fresh as newly fallen snow, bringing ecstatic tunes with inspirational folk qualities, with a tinge of sci-fi inclinations.  The embryonic days of jefferson Airplane, i.e., Jefferson Starship, reveled in the autonomy to experiment, to ruminate back and forth from the coffe-house bohemian music of the early sixties to the transformation of the now legendary "San francisco Sound". They were precocious, flamboyant, and above all else, gifted.  Jack Casady, Jorma Kaukonen, Spencer Dryden, Marty Balin, Paul Kantner and the exotic, charismatic Grace Slick.  Embellished with multiple guitars, their accumulative skills and stage bravado would signal a significant breakthrough looming on the horizon.
  That was then, this is now.  Thirty-six years after a thunderous introduction onto the hectic music scene of the bay area and thirty-five years after the release of "Surrealistic Pillow", Marty Balin, Slick Aguilar, Prarie Prince, Chris Smith, Diana Mangano and the reigning figurehead of psychedelic/pop music, Paul Kantner, are alive and well.  At first these names may not elicit the heart pounding sensation that was synonymous with Haight Ashbury and The Fillmore during the apex of popularity and mass migration "back in the day", but upon hearing the harmony of Diana, Marty and Paul, the past is soon laid to rest and The Jefferson Starship legacy continues to flourish and grow. Storiedtunes of the past, i.e., "White Rabbit", "Somebody To Love", "Wooden Ships", are now augmented with "Miracles", "Hearts" and additional new material, all woven into the musical tapestry of "Airplane-esque and jefferson Starship folklore.
  A few dates have been confirmed with a myraid of potential "gigs' to be added shortly.  Seems as if Paul Kantner's yearning and quest for musical meaining is still in "full flight" and typically verifies that it wasn't just a career for he and Marty, but a passion as well.  
  All the members are cogs in this musical wheel, bringing subtle, yet complimentary additions to the existing Hall Of Fame members and continue to debunk the pundits who refer to them as "nostalgic". They continue to seek the "perfect" song, the "perfect" performance and in the midst of this lyrical sojourn, also expand the parameters of their chosen art form.  The flight of Jefferson Staership continues, as does the legacy of the various members, and it appears as if there is no forseeable ending for these merry minstrels.
As always
Peace - Haight Street Music News - 1/23/02

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