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Posted by Don Aters on 01/23/02 - 13:48:44
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I also have been pondering this innovation.  I disdain the term "dysfunctional" in reference to JA?JS but over the years, it hasn't exactly been like watching "Eight Is Enough".  The upside being, the dysfunctional perpetrators are now a memory, or so it seems.  In volumn, mass production of any given CD isnot what most think and I'm not sure why we would be paying for production and in essence, distribution.  Much as Christo alluded to, where does the $50,000 go to and acquiring things we already own seems pointless.  The increment is not all that astronomical if access to several performances, etc. is feasible but for those outside the continental United States, i doubt they will be thrilled with paying someone else's mortgage.  Perhaps a more concise statement as to what, when, where and how will ease the tension. Maybe acquiring shares of JS as it is now would be more marketable.  With a crushed economy, buying something that is solvent and can only grow seems more viable than the Salvation Army donation.
Hmmmmmmmm..... I've spent a lot of years around this environment, on paper it sounds feasible but who is monitoring what the money is doing?  A board consisting of five members that are in the four corners of the universe is as useful as porch lights for Hoffa.  I would submit that there be a board of five on each continent but merely an opinion.  I've spent three decades and a fortune perpetuating the bands of the day so, it has to have some validity and visible growth projection.
Off to think more............

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