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Posted by Christo on 01/23/02 - 13:16:01
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OK team lets lookee this thing here.

On the positive side I love the positive stuff and ideas etc. I can see plenty of thought has gone into it and that isd great and appreciated.

I wanted to sleep on in as some dark thoughts were invading my enthusiasm.
I feel a bit like a parent whose teenage rocknrolling son has asked me for some money so he can keep on the roadK
Whodve thought my fave rock band would be asking me for a whipround

$100 V thats 2 night midweek playing piano in a bar for meK
Sorry to be selfish but for 2 days work out of my life lets look what Ill get? I will voice some of the dark thoughts I have below, and some areas to seek clarification.

1.      First, membership will be limited to 500, due to the
nature of the treasures we shall manufacture & distribute to members
only V

So if you are producing some of your best stuff ie PERRO only 500 people in the world are gonna hear it V is that wise?
$100 annually ? $50,000 a year? 500CDs cost less than 1000 bucks V 3 of those = 3000bucks V what happens to the rest of the 47,000?

2. These shall include tour laminates for free access to shows

Does this mean backstage passes or actual free tickets to shows? The latter would be OK except JS will only play once in the UK. The former aint much to me V backstage is not so much fun, and I doubt well really stop Paul from coming out front to meet people anyhowK

- Cut to scene V new fan at 1st  JS gig sees folks going back stage V Who are they? s/he asks  V Oh, theyre Society folks , Can I be one? V Nope it costs 100bucks and they got 500 already so yer gonna hafta wait til one of them dies kid,K.hahahahah echos off K I dont see that really.

Cut to another scene, backstage
PK V nice gig Diana
DM V Thanks Paul V Im really tired tonight tho
PK V Oh no you dont V you gotts meet those Society fans
DM V OH NO!!! Not that Christo again !Kand the other weirdos
PK V We hafta V they paid their money

I dont see that either

3. a signed first edition of Paul's serialized "PERRO"

Again I assume Ill actually GET this and not just get a chance to buy it right? The book will be downloadable on the web anyhow, right?

4. PERRO V I thought Id signed up to buy a copy already. I havta pay $100 now? V again V one of the best Kantner albums consigned to 500 folks only V is that good for the music? PERRO 71 is a pleasant jam, Ive heard the tapae V not crucial to me V Baron T outtakes V curiousity perhaps V no more

5. We shall also hold two special 'get togethers' with Paul, Marty & the band - one on
the East Coast, one on the West Coast

I would hate to think of them meeting us coz weve paid our money. No use to me in the UK really.

6. Chatroom V
I thought the idea of a chatroom wasnt well received on the board V another message board perhapsKA chatroom could be set up for free at any of the places that do it like Talk City etcV that doesnt count as being part of the 100bucks surely?

7. The Society shall be steered by The Gang of Five ... consisting of Paul
Kantner (SF), Michael Gaiman (LA), Jerry Moore (NY), Keith Rice (UK),

Please dont get me wrong V I REALLY appreciate MC and WM and others efforts on behalf of JS, but with the best will in the world the record of merchandising during the TNG years havent been stunning. No buttons, posters, and until recently at CIA no shirts etc. You guys are confident you can do it all? If little or nothing happens do we get our money back? What if someone quits? Or if Marty or anyone quits V it has happened before. It needs thinking thru for the membersK

On a different slant V are funds that tight?

Where does the above scheme win over subscription CDs V ie V we wanna make PERRO on CD V how many of ya wanna copy? Send 20bucks V 500 of ya? V great well print that many etc etc.

I feel as a fan Ive paid a good amount already V 30 Jefferson and related CDs, plus the vinyl before that, and I saw a show when I could.

Hate to hit such a negative slant and rain on yer parade but this is how it seemed after a nights sleep V Im still thinking on itK
Its just the pay us 100bucks and you can meet the band and get a few disks doesnt really seem in keeping with Jeffersonish ideas. The music should be available to as many as possible V limiting it seems short sighted.
OK back to thinkingK

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