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Posted by Graham Shanks on 01/23/02 - 10:51:13
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Must say I've got mixed feelings about this. As the first UK/European "fan" to reply to this (apparently, at the time of writing) there are things here that seem to be weighted heavily towards domestic fans (naturally, I suppose) and feel that us "foriegners" are getting the short straw on the deal.

It reminds me, to a degree, of the circumstances that lead me to giving up my season ticket to West Ham (UK football club, for the uninitiated) where they tried to get you to shell out a thousand quid or so for the RIGHT to buy a season ticket!.

Ok maybe that's a bit of an extreme comparision and I'll probably go along with the suggestion just to get what physical goodies that I can but I would like to see any European "subscribers" get some sort of benefit from this - ie regular tours to the east of the big pond, at least.

I also know that there are a number of BIG TIME fans and regular contributors to the Airmachine culture/fans/services/whatever who probably would not be able to afford the bucks (at the moment the money doesn't mean shit to a tree as far as I', concerned).

If you're going to do something like this, how about special reduced rates for a number of Overseas fans who may not be able to benefit from the full package? Or may be a 2 tier thing for them; full membership for those whose circumstances mean they could make the most of the package and a "limited" membership for those who can't.

If I can contribute some money to my all time fave band(s)- maybe I should say musicians -, get something back for it and help promote them then I'll happily go along with it, while I can afford to do so, but would like to get "fair dibs" with my transAtlantic counterparts.


Graham Shanks

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