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Posted by Wayne on 01/23/02 - 02:49:20
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I like the idea of JS3C and find the 3 CD and signed book offering to be of good value considering that some of the $100 needs to be left over to start the engines.  Heck, I spent a lot more than that in 2001 going to a show and buying JA/JS stuff from CIA, Amazon and ebay to further my music collection.

Since Astronomy is one of my hobbies, I can dig the theme.

Chat rooms in general leave me cold so that's not something I'd use.

I'd enjoy a backstage pass and an East Coast party.

I'd like to see an offering of psychedelic JS posters in day glow (blacklight capable).

This reminds me a bit of how The Planetary Society started (back when Carl Sagan was alive).

The Planetary Society membership was cheaper but all you got was a nice newsletter and some stick-on emblems.  

Being a patron of the arts is a noble tradition and when it is coupled with contagious enthusiasm for the art/music itself, it can be quite exciting.  Sounds like the start of a good plan to me.  I signed up by separate email.


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