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Posted by Jerald on 01/23/02 - 01:08:29
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Very well-written literary message, says this lurker who is more often lurking on the 2400 Fulton and JFT lists.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I take this idea to be like a fan club with special premiums available.  Okay.  I'm a fan.  

I appreciate the ideas presented.  You wanted to hear thoughts about JS3C.  Here goes--

Fifty grand for start-up costs...hmmm...for a fan club...hmmm; understanding all the while that premiums would be made available for this annual entry fee...hmmm.  Why a 500 member limit?  Selling the same cool book and release of PERRO music (promised for years) and other great-sounding CD sets that would be most appreciated by this fan?  Excellent prospect of selling this stuff to me, who has more than once sent messages to Mr. Kantner that PERRO was desired.  Undecided about whether I'd think this approach to marketing was more likely to fare better than just selling the items via available channels.  Including the estimated hundred or so faithful fans from 2400, JFT, and this board who would very likely be happy to purchase a "license" to copy-for-sale said special and super duper CD sets.  How's that for some creative "everybody can be in the band" PERRO type of notion?

Chat room.  Secret handshake admission chat room?  I beg your pardon...asking now whatever in the universe for?  This is no premium.  To me.

Tour laminates for free access to shows?  Combined with the notion of special "get togethers" that leave out midcontinental fans, like me, along with the rest of the planet?  Gee, I amateurishly suggest that it would be at least as lucrative for attendance (having the limited-knowledge notion that, unfortunately, JS has not sold out many houses in recent years) to make special back stage passes, at extra charge, available to fans who can make it to the live shows.

What in the world is this about some committee to steer the fan club?  You folks either know what you are doing--or you don't.  Based on the music that I've enjoyed for decades, I'd guess that you do.  I just don't see a fan club as some public-member-board kind of deal.  I want to buy goods from Mr. Kantner and company.  Have done so for a long time.  I don't need any representation from other citizens, like some board for a non-profit corporation.  Make a profit, for pity's sake.  There will continue to be several avenues for obtaining input about what the Jefferson crew can steer us fans our continued mission to Andromeda.  Please spare me the business about who else could guide the journey.  I will follow Mr. Kantner as he carries the fire, thank you very much.

Looking forward to whatever Jefferson stuff me and my wife (another fan who hates computers and loves JS so she'd never post about this stuff but would help me buy whatever she could lay her hands on),



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