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Posted by Cricket on 01/22/02 - 23:30:47
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You're right, Eth: no one's going to find a single "cruel, insensitive, and dominating" post from you in all your time here, & it's not just what you DON'T do, of course, but what you DO that helps  make this (on better days) such an inspiring, creative community.  You share yourself with so much openness, trust, & generosity of spirit -- I admire that in you, & I hope we can continue at least trying to be the kind of community that welcomes & fosters that, in & for us all...

Maybe we can't do that without periodic upheavals, meltdowns, toxic spills, & alien as well as native madness.  It's possible we can't.  But I too wish we could at least try to be more civil.  I'd like to think we could speak as freely as we have it in us to speak when it comes to exchanging, exploring, & challenging ideas --  and, at the same time, consider each other's feelings.  

As Liz said a couple days ago, we can't see each other's faces.  That opens some possibilities here for taking risks, experimenting, revealing ourselves -- but perhaps it also leaves more room for blindsiding & uncontained hostility.  Given what we all have to face in our lives, who needs unnecessary pain?  Besides which, the kind of conflict I think we're talking about flat-out kills any pleasure & play.  Why go there?

Ok:  My rant alarm just went off, loudly.

I'm going to post my thoughts about the Society elsewhere, but wanted to add my concern to yours & to thank you for what you said.


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