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Posted by Ethel Mann on 01/22/02 - 20:08:45
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A difficult juncture.

The site makes me very sad right now.
I have not read Kevin's new posts and will not.
Ray read them and verified that more hurt would be on the way.  A chat room might be the very answer.  

Not all passionate JS fans will lay their hands easily on a spare $100.00.

Do you need a license or a board, to legally collect funds and initiate this?   Is it a non-profit that is preserving the legacy of this historic band?  There are many asvantages to that status if it could be accomplished.  I'm sure Keith has the answers to all of these questions.

It's like you were reading our minds.  We were just brainstorming on all these CREATIVE ideas.
I was beginning to feel light, and centered,
and whole, once again.

But I do not look forward to continued OVERLY
contentious battles on the deck.  It is very discouraging to me.  And for someone like myself to be ultimately be upbraided for fascism,
by engaging in a battle for LOVE on the A-deck,
is a sad commentary.

(I do not deny Paul's accuracy regarding the specific point in question)

But still.....
I know who I am.

Cruel, insensitive, and dominating threads are the ones that weave the fabric of fascim.
See if you can find some like that in my seven
month history on the board.

We will join, after reading the Mission Statement.  Do you have one?  
That will be for TWO.

The clincher is the extra room............  

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