a right but not a duty

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/22/02 - 02:58:47
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Everyone has the right to express those beliefs which they believe.  But the expression must not create a danger to others.  You cannot go into a movie theater and yell fire.  That is not what freedom of expression grants you.  If you have something to say it.  I'm not going to stop you.  But if your expression earns you criticism from those who do not agree with you.  Then I am under no duty to defend your right to freedom of expression.  Freedom of expression also means you have accept responsibility for your expressions.  However, if you are denied a permit to hold a march or protest and other groups were give such a permit.  Then I would argue that you be given a permit.  

Just because I support your right to freedom of expression.  It does not create a duty for me to defend you in the event of criticism, which you have implied.  To deny anyone freedom of expression.  All of us will then lose our most important right.  And that is the right to dissent.  

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