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Posted by Ethel on 01/22/02 - 02:25:04
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A PERSON needs to be PAID who is really CAPABLE
of networking enough, and committed enough to MAKE it happen.  It would really need the force of a fulltime committment behind it.

Either some independently wealthy, charming, knowledgeable, JS fanatic.  Or somehow FUND a position like that.  Because without a huge, committed focus of attention by a human being,
it's doubtful that any of these splendid ideas will see the light of day.

The ONE we can do as a group from the two sites
would be the RON S. suggestion. Who knows?
If the sites would coordinate one successful campaign--perhaps another would follow.  This is along the lines of the thinking Goombah and I and others were trying to develop--our first effort being Paul's Poster.  It would even honor the whole band more, if we thought of ways to engage in promoting them.  This is where it's at--as far as I am concerned.

And with a whimsey on top!!

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