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Posted by Ron S on 01/21/02 - 23:16:36
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Paul is on record on this board of what he thinks of "The Roar of Jefferson Airplane". It isn't even a particularly good title, if you ask me. These endless reissues do tend to cheapen the band's catalog, unfortunately.

I do think, if we make a concerted effort to point out to the suits (although I doubt they wear suits) at RCA, BMG, or whomever they are in this alphabet soup, that we are a presence, a bloc of people who will consume (ie "spend money"), for a CD of PERRO, that they will indeed put it out.  

At a show in 1991 I asked Paul "how come 'Baron Von Tollbooth'isn't out on CD?" He said "RCA doesn't know what to do with it, its too abstract". That has since changed, of course.

While we're at it, we might as well lobby for the re-release of Marty's "Bodacious DF" album, originally released on RCA. A number of people on this board has expressed an interest in that album, and it has been a lost classic for far too long.

Ron S

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