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Posted by John Yaya on 01/21/02 - 20:06:25
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Actually RCA is owned by BMG...who also owned CMC which released Windows Of Heaven & the Fillmore concert.  As for the individual albums that were remastered and reissued, they've done a pretty nice job..aside from the couple of "glitches".

It's the irrelevant compilations that they have been churning out in the last few years. The JA Loves You is still quite good. The Ignition is good for those newcomers or those who had yet pick up any of the reissued discs. Roar of The Airplane, the VH1 compilation, Love Songs, the several budget compilations...all pointless.

The Worst Of JA and Gold are ok. The 2 disc JA, JS, S is worthwhile but I'd just as well leave out the "S" songs myself.

Hopefully RCA will now finally finish what they started.

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