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Posted by Don Aters on 01/21/02 - 19:08:40
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It's a great concept but, they are now a bi-product of Sony I think and they couldn't care less what we think.  They probably don't even know the dog's name (Nipper) on the old RCA label.
I think Pk would prosper far more by marketing the book himself or on an independaent label.  It's like clearchannel owning BGP, i.e., The Fillmore, Mountainview, Concord Pavillion.  They have tons of money and are probably the leading company in booking acts around the country but excluding The barsotti brothers, (who retired last year) and the remnants of employees by Bill, I've forgotten more than they know collectively about music, bands, venues, etc.  Once greed entered the market about 25 years ago, everything changed and not all for the better.
A nice thought and if you conjure some great scheme to propose to them and need any help, consider me in.

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