Who is Zeus?

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Posted by Ethos on 01/21/02 - 17:12:24
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I'm always talking about supplicating myself to the non-exixtant God for SOMEthing.  So we continue to call on this entity--even if it isn't there.  What else can we do?  We need help!

But when we do that, we seem to call on a different plane within ourselves.  And that
other plane, I do believe is THERE for us to call on....because I call on it all the time---and it's real helpful.   When I DON'T call on it, is when I get in trouble!

Sort of akin to intuition, but requires more searching.  I'll call it the True Love Plane.
Fly Trans Love Airways--get Me There On Time...

Hope this ain't too fkng religious.

All seriousness aside,  Eth

You pay for your ticket with humility.
And if ya don't have any humility, ya gotta work until ya earn some.  I just had ta buy a new ticket, AGAIN. Shit.

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