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Posted by Don Aters on 01/21/02 - 15:53:06
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Kind of iamic pentameter, should be a poem in there somewhere.......Most of those who are constant contributors on this site are initially drawn to it due to the love of the music, i.e., members of the band.  As time passes, those with an intellect that allows them to read between the lines, are drawn to others who are perceived as of the same ilk.  Ideally, it becomes our "vallhala", a refuge from political idiots, social gnomes and missing chromosones.  After awhile, most of us read submissions, not solely on subject matter but on who the person is that posted the EM.  
I read yours, Ethel's, Donna, Liz, Cricket, Paul, and a few selected others but also refrain from reading posts by dissidents wo aren't here for the purpose of this site, just a forum to vent dismay of certain things and probably their lives.  Perhpas using that time to rectify the way some things are would be a better way of utilizing the time but.............
whimsical is good, concern for certain topics is also good, ......... it all hinges on who is reading the text.  
There is no explanation for por taaste and lack of ettiquette.
Your input here can be as youso desire and I would venture to say that it weill be read by most who visit here on a regimented basis.
If whimsy, frivolity and concern cannot be accepted on an equal basis, then........."Fuck em".

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