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Posted by Christo on 01/21/02 - 14:32:16
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It all started when WM wanted us to limit posts etc. After the fallout from that and the resulting less amount of whimsey it meant that folks felt they had to make a post that "meant something".
Hence - deeper waters, heavier posts.
My call for more whimsey was a serious one, and i am at one with Liz on the need for humour.

In an attempt to speak for whimsey I recall a classic piece of diologue from a Fred Astair movie (I think it was the Gay Divorcee)

English waiter - "How very whumsical madam"
Lady - "what?"
EW - "I said how very whumsical, madam"
L - "Why do you say it like that?"
EW - "Well whumsical is more whimsical than whamsical, madam"
L - "Go away - your're staring to fascinate me, and I resent that in any man."

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