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Posted by Don Aters on 01/21/02 - 12:13:08
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I sent the few images of Grace to The Webmaster, so.........pondering over that night.
As a myriad of baby-boomers scurried through the gallery, two important factors entered my mind.  The first is how much many of us are alike as we mingle and relate to the muses of all.  The other is how different we are as well.  The paintings were just a supplemental allure, some very good, others perhpas mediocre at best but Grace Slick remains "The 1st Lady Of "Rock".  You can't relive the past but lives are patterned on memories of great events and certain times, i.e. eras, and the ethos of psychedelia was certainly looming in and around Sausalito that night, punctuated by the appearance of Wavy gravy.
Grace............ older, a bit weathered in her 63rd year of existence on this planet but....still the visual, charismatic Goddess from San Francisco, a symbol of love, the musical revolution and changing of culture as it was once known.  As i tried to capture the images, she represents yesteryear, yesterday and today, an icon who knows who she is and what she has done in her choice of artistic genres.  There will be others of that ilk, I'm sure some exist already, i.e., Diana, Emmylou, Carol King, even Melissa Ethridge but none will ever make the impact of one Grace Wing, i.e., Slick.  The prototype of what a great signer should be, beautiful, talented and the genetic gift that allows her to age with the dignity that she deserves.
When she is 100, people will still clamor to a gallery to see her and i doubt it is just to see the works of art.  She is a "gift' to those who grew to the music........every generation should be so lucky.

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