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Posted by Ethel on 01/21/02 - 11:42:36
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I beg to differ, just a little.

What PAUL put forth in the post following that,
was NOT a lighthearted and humorous example of anything.  It was the most controversial. loaded
example for discussion that he could possibly have offered.  

I would Jay's response was perfectly reasonable.
Kevin's response made me ANGRY and reacted out of anger.  You're right, it's catching.

HERE'S what I could have said:

Dear Kevin,

I am not able to relate to your style of delivery.
Could you please develop your posts with more sensitivity so that I might want, and be able, to understand the actual points you are trying to make?

Thank you for considering this, Ethel

Fortunately or unfortunately, the above did not express the depth of my feelings at that time.
And I do try to read posts giving the benefit of the doubt, and with an open heart, always.

The unfortunate result is that the opportunity
to discuss the merits of the 'joke'Paul put forth,
in a serious and productive way, was effectively
derailed.  Also, the opportuniy for further 'humor' and Jefferson lite controversy to follow, as you suggested, Liz, was derailed.

All the time, and especially at this, it would be good to know that we could discuss issues of depth, as a community, successfully.

I would offer healing to myself, and to All.
To that end, and in humble spirit,
I submit this post with love,


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