now not sure it's racist either

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Posted by Tiger on 01/20/02 - 15:13:38
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After re-reading Kevin's post to Jay, I am now less certain that it was what I consider racist.
It was, in my mind, intentionally provoking an angry response. It also was attacking Jay for lots of things that it did not appear she even said. (I already said some of this in a post that I think quickly got lost below deck.)

I do think that it was attacking of feminism and of racial sensitivity.  As far as I am concerned, these ideals ideas work towards a more just and equal society.

Kevin's post made me angry for it being so attacking.  But after re-reading it,  I don't think there was anything actually said that was
racist. So Kevin, I apologize for accusing you of that.  I don't know how you personally feel about people of other races, genders, sexualities etc...etc...


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