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Posted by Ron S on 01/20/02 - 14:11:33
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Yes, the 1978 tour was excellent, up to the trouble it got into in Europe. But the show I saw in Boston was great. I recall Paul switching guitars during "St. Charles". (Six fingered and webbed CLAWED THE AIR...)I recall David Freiberg doing "Pride Of Man", I recall Marty playing a white Telecaster for most of the show.

During "Show Yourself", I believe it was, the "Earth" cover descended from the rafters. Magnificent!

At the show I was at, at the Boston Music Hall (the first of two nights) there was a brief power outage at some point during the show. Grace cupped her hands, as if yelling to the audience, but, even though I was pretty close, I couldn't hear what she said.
I do recall, at another point in the show, she said "Boston, you've got the best lobster and the worst traffic in the world."

Count On Me,

Ron S

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