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Posted by Terry on 01/20/02 - 08:59:23
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Interesting topic:

Thirty Seconds Over Winterland--expanded.  Great suggestion, John.

It could include: Blind John, Long John Silver, Aerie, Son of Jesus, Eat Starch Mom, etc....

Another idea: find the soundboard master tapes from the 1978 US tour--supposedly intended for release as a live album.  Those shows were comprehensive and truely represent the 1970s hit machine at their best (and most blatantly commercial).  RCA would be happy to have the live "Miracles, Runaway, Count On Me," etc.  Kantner/Slick fans would be happy with "Across the Board" and excerpts from "Blows."

Everybody wins.

And of course, as you say, PERRO re-mastered is mandatory....

My 2 cents.


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