A little too L.A. for me

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Posted by Paul S. on 01/20/02 - 06:51:15
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I've never been to L.A. but I think I experienced it tonight. It was like the secret service follies in there. CODE 9! CODE 9! HE'S GOT A CAMERA...RED TEAM GO! RED TEAM GO! They definately let way to many people in at the same time. We were like fuckin' sardines. I got to talk to Grace for a minute or two and she was cordial and pleasent. Those eye's man, like ice. Next time I'll eat beans before I go so maybe I can get some elbow room to enjoy my stony buzz, cup of wine, and a great painting of Miles Davis. Miles was my favorite along with a war painted Jimi Hendrix. And what can I say, Don is one cool dude, and it was a pleasure meeting him and his wife.  PEACE ;)

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