Send the music drugs to ME, Rush.  I need 'em !

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Posted by Eth  ---to Rush and All on 01/20/02 - 04:07:25
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We saw the major snow on TV.  It looked beautiful!
I'm from BUFFALO, but have lived near SF all my adult life.  Those big storms bring back lots of memories.

Grace looked BEAUTIFUL this evening, for real.

I apologize to anyone on the board who thinks I was a major pain in the ass during the current debacle.  

My point was that we should all attempt to adhere to some tacit standards we can all agree upon.

Despite what it may appear, I am not into silencing ANYONE, and QUITE the opposite!

I just wish that things like racism, and sexism,
and personal attacks---DID NOT EXIST.  Can you blame me for that feeling?

I want everyone to know how I feel.  That's it.  E

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