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Posted by Don Aters on 01/20/02 - 01:09:30
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I was supposed to wait for a friend of mine who was bringing Wavy gravy along and wanted an image or two of them and Grace.  I'm not sure that Wavy has enough clout to break through that defense line and an Act Of Congress would be more appropriate and beneficial than the now legendary Hugh Romney.  I think it's just the time of spent dealing in this genre.  I never expect much and do what it is that's needed for the love of the music.  I give images to band members that have given all their lives and have a legacy that will live on for all those who follow us to treasure as we did.  It probably has resulted in giving away a fortune over the years but.......who cares.  It's all name recognition, the Jim Marshall images shown all the time are the same ones we've seen for years and when he took them, there were no time restranits, like two songs, no flash, yada, yada.  Christ, inclusive of backstagfe, soundcheck, and the entire performance, i could fix the sttings and give a camera to Ann Sullivan and Helen keller and they could come up with a few great images.
Needless to say, I'm venting on this computer, Grace was charming and certainly worth the drive but if i wanted to deal with "Helga The Prison Guard", i would volunteer for a few days in San Quentin.  Let's just say, it wouldn't happen again.
Missed Ethel and Ray and Cricket.............which reminds me............I don't make gender comments Ethel, and certainly wouldn't say anything detrimental on a computer.  I knew when i sent it that some would take it as a gender comment wasn't meant that way.

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