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Posted by dormouse on 01/20/02 - 00:31:18
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one crowd makes you larger
one crowd makes you small
but the one that Grace walks into
she walks into "off the wall"...

...doing so in the best possible sense, looking radiantly beautiful & poised, but definitely poised for escape...
she sweeps through the door, looking relieved to see only a handful of people in the room, not knowing 3 of the 6 or so are A-Deckers who hear her bright, perky "So, where are the Quaaludes?" opener. (!!!)  We cracked up & eased ourselves out.
Except for that small office, the whole gallery was SRO, with a long line out front.  Grace's
paintings were presented beautifully...

Reporting Live (Still),
The Three Stooges

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