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Posted by Don Aters on 01/20/02 - 00:24:33
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Grace was cordial, looked great but the inner circle of those who work for that venue need a few lessons in ettiquette.  I knew there would be the "No autograph" thing aas they don't want her continuously signing posters, CD's, etc., while she could be selling paintings worth several thousand dollars.  There were people everywhere taking images (everywhere!  In that crackerbox) including moi and "The Gestapo" told me there were no pictures.  Oh, hadn't noticed, being as half the population of San francisco was busy taking images.  I was there long enough to give her an image of Janis Joplin, say hello, take about 7 images and break the fuckin door down getting out of there.  I did meet Paul & his wife, girlfriend, that was the best thing of the night, as it should have been.  I will look at these images tomorrow and if any are good, will send to the webmaster and to those who want one via the attachment format.
I will say this in retrospect, it's easier to align yourself with JS as they are now, at least for me and i accept Diana as the visual, focal point of the band without comparison and without looking back at what "used to be".

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