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Posted by Liz on 01/19/02 - 23:15:19
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A few days ago Paul Kantner wrote:

"As a welcome entry into 2002
Can we please SAY politically incorrect things for a while
How FAR can YOU go


As I read the message,
I understood it to be a suggestion
for us all to lighten up, to have some FUN.
Perhaps I was wrong.

Jay was the first to respond, she opposed PI humor in general.
Then Kevin responded, and I believe enough has been said about that.

We seem to be failing the HUMOR test.
Why does everything have to be resolved down to it's negative?
Why does personal truth always center
on how any given thing might make ME feel bad?
Why can't we resolve things to a higher point?

In light of the fact that we cannot make eye contact,
it seems important to me that we write with an open heart
and we read each others messages with an open mind.  

We can push each others buttons without ever knowing it.

Peace.  Liz  

PI Humor, sad truth (?):
a teacher friend informed me that
SANTA is not allowed in our public schools...
first Jesus is banned, now SC ..... what next???

.....the Scandinavians (I AM ONE)
are making life as bland as their food!

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