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Posted by Rush on 01/19/02 - 21:41:22
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I do understand what you are saying abouy the media covering black on white crimes and vice versa.  Sure, we have all seen that but historically, it has been the reverse.  And african americans are confonted with (for lack of a better term) un-intentional racism every single day.  Do you agree y/n?  

As for your point about homosexual crimes against other homosexuals, it does not hold water.  Gay Bashing is another form of hatred that takes place at the un-intentional level as well as very intentional.  So how many gay men were bashing hetrosexual men again in 2001?  I don't have those numbers on me but I am willing to bet it is nothing compared to the reverse.  I could go on and on about every ethnic - non arian group of people in Amerika.  But, I am getting tired of beating a dead horse and will save my energy for another day.  

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