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Posted by PS on 01/19/02 - 21:19:41
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Show me an example of someone being prosecuted under this legislation for a crime against a white hetero male, much less it being on page one of the paper or the leading story on the evening news.  White man kills black man - page 1.  Black man kills white man - page 9 footnote.

According figures from the Department of Justice, 85% of crimes of inter-racial violence are committed by blacks against whites.  Do I think these crimes should be prosecuted as "hate crimes"?  No...they are crimes, pure & simple.  

The very notion of a "hate crime" is absurd.  If a homosexual kills another homosexual, is that a "love crime"?  Should the perpetaitor be prosecuted less vigorously, with less potential penalty?  

My point was simply that if the same set of laws does not apply EVERYONE, those specially prefered groups, designated by the government, will be no doubt subjected to animus by those groups less favored.    

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