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Posted by PS on 01/19/02 - 20:09:26
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Granted, I have a penchant for playing devil's advocate(figure of speech), so...

While Kev's style is a little confrontational for my taste, I simply disagree that any of his comments were "racist."

More importantly, the fact that the self appointed PC patrol cries to deny the same freedom of speech that it rightly cherishes for itself, smacks of at the very least hypocrisy, if not fascism.  Even PK stepped up to the plate on this one.

What else in your mind constitutes "racism"?

Opposition to affirmative action?  It wasn't MLK's dream that folks be awarded government contracts on the basis of the their skin about the dream being turned upside down...  

How about opposition to "hate crime" legislation?  In practicallity all it says is that the life of a white, heterosexual male is worth less than that of anyone else.

People of good conscience on ALL sides can debate and disagree on issues without being of evil intent...    

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