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Posted by Jay W.F. on 01/19/02 - 18:21:49
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If I may interject ...

As the apparent lightning rod in the middle of all the drama ...

Can I just say:

a) How much I just LOVE and appreciate all of the bold voices who expressed opposition to the racism which crawled onto this board a couple of days back (especially Ethel and Bill ... just priceless, all of it!)

b) How much I admire Paul BUT disagree that it is "fascism" to speak out AGAINST racism and sexism, and yet it is NOT "fascism" to propagate racist/sexist views ...? Am I misreading him ...? Maybe it's "fascism" only to ask that someone's racist/sexist rant be deleted from here ...? Which brings me to ...

c) I don't like to read white supremacist insults any more than most peaceful folks do, but if the webmaster decides to let the post in question remain on the board, then we should read it and understand why it is so sad to have the kind of hatred within oneself as what was expressed in that racist diatribe. We should read it and weep, because that is the stuff that many, many lives have been lost to.


Jay W.F.

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