Bigots and Bimbos

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/19/02 - 18:09:25
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If anyone had a reason to be racial oriented, a decade of plastic surgery, i.e., rehab would certainly be enough to propell a person to the depths of ignorance and bigotry.  
I try to think of it as a learning experience, where others would have succombed to the incident, I chose to rise above it and just chalk it up to stupidity.  
Ranting and raving about racial deaths is ludicrous at very best and reminds me of the adage, "If man evolved from apes, why do we still have them?"
Education is a barometer in which to measure growth and although some have the aforementioned background, reading books and accumulating degrees does not constitute education in the true perspective.
Once an idiot always an idiot and I see no reason to discuss names, "You know who you are".
I choose the bohemian lifestyle as it is my true character, and as for exhorbitant amounts of money and my degree, ............hmmmm, I do what makes me happy and try to make others happy as well.
it also allows fodder for certain people to conjure images of what they think I'm like distance is always the buffer, it's probably better that way.
We have enough mental misfits and missing chromosones in this country already so any efforts to alleviate that malady, either by music, acts or cultural acceptance is much beeter than trying to perpetuate ignorance.
Outta here, Grace is calling.

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