don't find it funny at all

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Posted by Tiger on 01/19/02 - 15:20:42
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I know that the context, situation and audience, (among other things) have to do with whether a joke is seen as funny. I just don't see what is funny about either of these jokes.  In fact, I find them very mean-spirited and racist and can't imagine how someone would find them funny.

I'm also sure that some jokes that I might find funny would be distasteful to others in the wrong situation, context, audience or other variable.
There is a lot to be said on this subject and the power of words and some of it has been said already in this thread.

As a side note, I would like to add that I think racism is not one-sided.  I think a person of any race could do or say racist things.

I think that standards and censorship are at times difficult concepts.  You probably have to go with the purpose of the forum such as a message board like this.  I like to see less censorship which can bring up a lot of hard feelings and hard topics which then, can be dealt with. If things get "out of hand" (and how do you define that) what, if anything should be done about it?
I found Kevin's post to Jay very offensive and attacking, but I didn't feel like responding to it because it seems like a game to me.  Several of your posts, Kevin, seem to intentionally provoke.  They are sometimes attacking.  I like a good discussion but don't care to engage in this type of power game. That's my choice.
I consider myself an environmentalist, liberal, feminist - and by feminist I mean pro-female and women's rights, but not anti-male, and probably many other things.
I am certainly not totally defined on any of these aspects; I consider my views to be evolving when I encounter new information. One of the best ways to get new information is to have open discussions from every point of view.  
I see diversity as a good and necessary thing.


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