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Posted by Down to Earth board broad on 01/19/02 - 13:10:04
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I love that about the GLOW and you can feel it!

It comes down to the moment of trying to dictate
behavior.  Basically it can't be done--and is counter productive.  I have to agree with PS, my POST was Mussoliniesque.  I prefer Burlesque.
But that's OK!

It wasn't easy for me to make that strong statement.  But I have been reading and working
on the issue of bullying (physical or language).
This destructive style has untold myriad consequences.  

A BLIND EYE is a coward's approach
A MEER statement of intolerance is fascism.

SOME people will always behave as assholes! FINE!

Does that mean those supervising allow assholes
(I'm sorry: students with behavioral challenges)to oppress everyone. and RUN the schoolyard?
Because they will if allowed.

TO devastate others, psychologically and physically, and suffer no consequences?  

Well, I wouldn't want my kids in a school like that.   And I'm just helpin' to work on the standards here, too.

So there.....Ethereal

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