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Posted by Earthgirl on 01/19/02 - 12:43:11
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To tell you the truth, Paul, I would NOT want to see the post REALLY removed---because I have been totally against censorship on this board, and I still AM.  But it's a way of expressing opposition
to the content of Kevin's post.

You wanted a theoretical discussion, didn't you?

Personally, I think it's good we discuss it.
My post was experimental in nature.  I've certainly tried many other approaches in communicating with the offender.  I'm taking it as a clinic for school.  The most productive thing
is a meeting with all concerned, recognition and acceptance of a reasonable standard of behavior, by ALL parties, and a redress of greivances,
such as an apology.

At the very least we pause to reflect----
and we don't turn a BLIND EYE.

The meeting will come to order....

WELL,I HATE meetings--but crucial ones are good.

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