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Posted by to PS and Kevin on 01/19/02 - 12:06:14
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Hurray for ME.

AND this board has already STATED a policy of NO PERSONAL ATTACK---though they may not enforce it!

This board has also stated it will not tolerate
racism, sexism and the like.

And I even provided a method to avoid total censorship!

Sorry PS--Your barb touches my soul NOT.  I am
learning how to take a stand where bulling is concerned.  When you take a stand--you can't do it in some namby pamby way.  So you obviously feel Kevin's post was pretty much OK!

I don't.   That's where we differ.  If someone doesn't let him know it's not OK-we can just expect more of the same and worse. We can be light hearted about it, but his attack was not lighthearted--and was disturbing to several.

If it sounds like I was speaking for others,
or speaking for the board--I was just RESTATING board policy as I currently know it.

I don't follow board policy perfectly, either,
but I'm trying harder.   All that whimsey---we gotta cut down on that kind crap!


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