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Posted by Christo on 01/19/02 - 12:04:05
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I don't have any answers but it's funny how the world turns.
So now it's fascist to deny a racist a voice.

I know free speech is a "good thing" (TM), but racism is racism. - ie the silly view that people with different skin pigmentation are inferior.
I know too that racist views given airing as if just "another point of view" are followed by dumb people. UK had racist riots last year due to racist papers etc allowed to freely circulate...People got hurt/killed that might not've been if the racists views were restricted and not taken as an acceptable point of view by dumb people.
"Racist talk cost lives" - to paraphrase an old wartime saying...

Hence confusion as to drawing the line. Total free speech is a sacred cow and can be also be an emperor with no clothes. (does that make it a cow with no clothes?  :-) )

If there's one thing i CAN'T STAND it's intolerance!!!   :-D

I'm not entering into the Kevin thing - tho "methinks he protesteth too much"(Shakespeare - aint I cultured?)  on the anti-liberal front - I reckon he's a liberal in denial. :-). I think he's got a subconcious waiting to come out of the closet. (which closet?).

One thing I hope friends and A-Deckers can agree on is that all humans should be free and have equal rights regardless on their skin colour, disability, religion, etc.

This is not a liberal statement.

I'm not being fascist denying those opposed to it a hearing.

love and peace to ALL

PS. "There will always be assholes", Paul Kantner

PPS. "We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About"  Jimmy Buffet

PPPS - "I am the light - everything emmanates from me - everything owes it's existance to my presence." Alexander Scriabin

PPPPS - "Co-existance - or no existance" - Piet Hein

told ya I wuz kultured :-)

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