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Posted by You are not forgiven on 01/19/02 - 00:55:47
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So you thought you would fly in the face of the powerful female professor-type, that you detest on general principle, anyway.  

I knew Jay was JUST espousing an identification with that faculty's view--but I see how you misread it (Freud).

So now that YOU misinterpreted Jay, and hurled about 15 insults at her like machetes, you feel no need whatsoever to apologize.

Your post was pedantic, pretentious, sexist,  racist, violent, and viscious.

I could go into SO MUCH detail--that you chose to overlook.   BUT I WON'T

I VOTE that your post be removed from the board.
All the responses should be kept. A monument
should go in the place of your post that says:
"Here Lies the Dead Post that Everyone Below is Talking About"  EVEN give a URL where people can look up the deadly thing for reference.  We don't want to forget just how wrong a thing can be.


I will not discuss this again.  Do as your conscience dictates.

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