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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/18/02 - 23:55:32
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Seems the fur has been flying today while I was away.  

As an educator I would have thought you would have been the first one to picked up immediately on the main subject matter of the post.  Jay used language that is susceptible to interpretation by a reasonable person that she was a member of the college faculty.  Had she not identified herself as a member of the faculty I would have passed on commenting altogether on her post.  But sometime today she made a second post to clarify she is not a member of the faculty.  

I hold extremely strong views on why educators should not use their classrooms in a public schools, collegiate environments, and graduate programs to perpetrate their political views.  The classes I mentioned were some of the political views instructors were personally pontificating in classes I had to take.  Ever try complaining to a liberal Dean and his administration who also hold those same views?  And with thousands of dollars at stake in tuition you cannot just get up and change schools.  

I also made a very objective expression regarding the Greaseman's comments.  I did not object or condone his remark (E. go back and reread the original post).  Evidently many people were not astute enough to understand my original comment: "The world is a cruel hard place and people need to be tough. Ethnic and racial jokes are going to be with civilization until Armageddon. If a joke is told in poor taste. Then the person who told the joke has to live with the consequences of that joke."  The Greaseman made a remark that some people found offensive in the community.  Therefor he had to accept responsibility for his remarks in the community in which he operates.  One cannot interpret my comments as a sanction or condemnation of Greaseman's joke.  It is a well established doctrine that silence is not an acceptance or rejection of any expression.  What I expressed simply means you that you have to live with any reaction by others resulting from your expressions.  

It has never been a secret with anyone that I hold very strong opinions that are adverse to anything being measured and tested by subjective standards.  So issues that deal with civil rights and affirmative action that try replace fair objective standards with subjective standards are a target for me.  I do not believe in passing laws that grant special privileges for anyone.  And that causes problems not only for liberals like Jay but conservatives as well.  I hold middle of the road pragmatic views and that causes problems for both sides.  Because neither side gets what they want.

I didn't say anything disparaging about Dr. King.  But I sure had plenty to say about his sidekick wannabe Jesse Jackson.  Mr. Jackson is a travesty to the memory of Dr. King.   He is not a civil rights leader and he is definitely not a Reverend of any kind.   Mr. Jackson has more in common with a Chicago street pimp and Super Fly than anything remotely associated with the late Dr. King. I know Mr. Jackson was mentored by the late Dr. King.   But Mr. Jackson failed to learn any of the knowledge Dr. King imparted to him.   Is a person a White Supremacist because they believe Mr. Jackson a black racist?  

As far as being sensitive to cultural diversity.  Keep trying to spin sell this doctrine of lies and we will never get rid of people like Bush, Chenny, and Ashcroft.  


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