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Posted by W7 on 01/18/02 - 22:04:20
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Like all artist's some of Grace's art is good and some is not.  Sometimes it's just manipulation other times genius.  There's "David" and then there are these woman who look like men with breasts glued on.  No Kevin I'm not talking about you but about Michelangelo.  There are some Pictures of Grace Slick's that are not to my liking and then there are her self portraits (without anxiety) that I love.  It seems to me that you are not talking about the quality of her work as much as her reason for creating.  And since you are no mind reader, how do you know  what her intent is in painting? I happen to like a trendy woman, and you're right everyone was doing something nice after 9/11 (were you?),so I know that you are completely wrong.  She was never a "superstar" she was always just her natural self.
I see it completely different from you .  I see her as a retired singer who does what she enjoys, and that may include painting, then visiting some galleries and meeting new people.  You should try this alot more and your perspective will grow and "it" won't stay with you for the rest of your life.
 I've been kinda holding back in regards to your divorce but why don't you face the truth about yourself?  When you claim to be "not mean" yet the substance of your argument comes down to insulting Grace's name, I hear the same rhetoric as when you blame your ex wife for the divorce because its "not your fault".
As for Grace's trading fame for money:  I don't know how much she makes a year (I'm not asking honey)but I'm sure that whatever percentage she cares to donate is her personal choice.  And to which charity is again her choice.  And most importantly, NOT YOURS.  If she wants to give to the homeless then she will, if to animal rights, so what is it your business?  More important is what have you done for the homeless of San Francisco?  I don't how what your salary is a year( I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole) but why don't you reveal just what percentage went to the homeless last year?
Now to the animal rights issue, which you seemed to deride.  When I was in India I was shocked to learn that there are only 7/000 tigers left.  Wiping animals off the face of this planet is a scary thought to me and the anger you display toward the issue perpetuates the foolish notion that we are not in a crisis situation.
What will you do Kevin when there are no more tigers to ride?

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