grateful for your post, Rush    (and  Kevin)

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Posted by E on 01/18/02 - 19:55:21
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 I responded in my own way various times.  I don't respond Directly, because I have been down that road many times before with Kevin.  It's like a child in class who would love to engage you in a power struggle. An excellent way to command negative attention--which is FAR superior to no attention at all.

If one fully engages, it only seems to invite more of the same, and worse, if you pursue it.  I won't even dignify a post like that with a second reading, no less a thoughtful response, though I thoroughly respect you for doing so, and a good job it was.

I don't wish to speak for others, but I think for many here the choice not to respond was probably a conscious decision, based on past experience.
I'm sure they were grateful for YOUR response. I know I was.  E

It's that concept of 'don't give it the time of day'--don't engage in the power struggle.

On the other hand, turning a blind eye to bullying
is the worst possible strategy. SO --- double bind

I like to be friendly with you, Kevin, but when you play this kind of a game, I wonder why I bother.  I think you owe the board an explanation and an apology.  And any names you are called on the basis of that post are WELL deserved. That kind of antagonistic post will not be tolerated on this board.  You must rescind it yourself.
That way we will avoid censorship.

I know this goes against your style, to back down
on anything, but DO it.    Eth

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