Goofy goes to war

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Posted by Stevie D. on 01/18/02 - 19:12:00
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Of course, I'm only in open rebellion in my own mind. I still go to work every day and pay taxes. I have stopped voting, however. After the stolen national election and certain shenanigans in SF, I decided that I wasn't going to contribute to the lie that the U.S. is a democracy. Obviously many others feel the same way. Only 15% of eligible voters went to the poles in the last election in this city. I had voted in every election from 1972 - 2001.
Went to one prewar anti-racist demo in San Francisco after September 11th, made sure to smile nice for the somber government type taking photos of us.

Just as the Roman republic eventually degenerated  into a decadent empire and eventually collapsed in upon itself.....
All hail Emperor Goofybush!

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