Closing Songs...and Razor Sharp Human Bondage

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Posted by Tara on 01/18/02 - 18:23:46
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I like The Baby Tree, Your Mind Has Left Your Body, Diana 1 & 2, and track 11 from Sunfighter that has completely escaped me and will warrant me kicking myself when I figure it out later today.  "To your heart", or something to that effect...alas, I hang my head in shame. They may not be closers, but it would be nice to see them performed at some point. might be interesting to hear Marty rework I Specialize in Love...a little unexpected twist in the evening for JA fans! :) Can't blame me for trying.  I can't help it--that would probably be the last song I would ever expect to see performed, so naturally it was one of the first to pop into my mind.  He could bust it out after Comin' Back to Me for a refreshingly bizarre transition.  :)  What Love Is is another suggestion on that count.  

side note- Paul makes a fair amount of W. Somerset Maugham references--does the state of this country remind anyone else of that of Sophie from The Razor's Edge?  Sad, but poignantly accurate for avid Maugham fans.  I've met many an Elliot as well, although those acquaintances are not pleasant ones.  However, the day Philip Carey walks into my life will be a happy one.  We have much in common. :)  Not the clubfoot, of course, but many other things!

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