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Posted by Jay W.F. on 01/18/02 - 13:41:25
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As we all know, you are a war veteran, and because you are in that unique position, I am certainly listening to what you have to say re: recognition of heroes past vs. the 9/11 victims and rescue workers. (BTW -- AFAIK, 9/11 WAS in fact "the worst and only event of this magnitude." But I could be wrong on that in terms of statistics -- lives, property, and jobs lost, economic repercussions, etc). This is a topic which could certainly stand some discussion within our own heads at least.

As I have said to you privately, I have no answer for you, now that I understnd what you were getting at. Your resentment is justified, Don, as you have laid your life on the line in the past, too.

As for hats and other souvenirs commemorating the lives and efforts of the non-uniformed workers, there are plenty of those here, most of which are "patriotic", and not specific to the NYPD or FDNY. As for Father Mike Judge, the FDNY chaplain whom you referred to: there have been several memorials to him here, at least one of which was sponsored by a gay group, as the Chaplain was openly gay and he counted AIDS ministry among his non-FDNY efforts. There was also a documentary tribute to him on a gay program called "In the Life", which I didn't see, but I saw it advertised.

So, with respect to your statements about the apparent lack of recognition or souvenirs for those who were not FDNY or NYPD, I will tell you that your geographical distance from us is playing a role in that misperception. But regarding your question as to why other "heroes" are so long overdue for recognition, as I said, I can't find an answer to that.


Jay W.F.

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