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Posted by Don Aters on 01/18/02 - 12:09:24
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It's not a rivalry and nothing directed to you but in general.  Compensation for lack of noting heroes of the past seems to earmark this tragedy as the worst and only event of this magnitude.  hats from NYPD or NYFD are one of the biggest selling items on the ountry.  Amazing after what this country in general has done to heroes in the past thirty years, i.e., Oliver North, McCain, Kerrey, just to mention a few.  Just strikes me as annoying that we can now recognize current events but the thought never entered anyone's mind until 2001.  
I'm concerned about the families that are directly linked to the police and firemen, I don't remember any hats that indicate their efforts or the ones that died, or the priest that was the first to succomb to the crumbling inferno.
It has nothing to do with you, just some pent up anger about how this contry can so obviously avoid some issues yet get so deeply involved in others.

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